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IVF Testimonials

When we started our IVF treatment we were told that we had only a 20% chance to have a positive result. We also had only 2 embryos so the hope for a pregnancy were quite minimum. I had been having acupuncture treatments in the past for back pain and I had read about how acupuncture can support IVF treatments so I decided to go for it. I had acupuncture treatments with Brooke during the IVF cycle. A few weeks later I was delighted to find out I was successfully pregnant with twin girls. I continued the acupuncture treatment during the pregnancy to treat severe nausea and was very pleased to manage to avoid taking medication. The acupuncture also helped to relieve the back pain I experienced due to the extra weight of carrying twins. Following my caesarean, I continued to have acupuncture treatments with Brooke to help me recover as some of the medications the doctors had put me on were causing stress to my kidneys.

The twins are now 3 years old and I continue to benefit from acupuncture with Brooke as the treatments help to keep up my energy levels so I can keep up with the twins!
As soon as I found out my husband and I would require IVF treatment I began to research ways in which I personally could contribute towards a healthy cycle. I had read and heard about the benefits of acupuncture and read some very encouraging reports regarding the possible increased percentage of success if used. Only a few clinics offer acupuncture along side IVF cycles and unfortunately mine did not. I decided to find an acupuncturist in my area that not only specialised in acupuncture to help with fertility but one who used the ‘Zita West Technique’ and had trained to do so. I was lucky to find Brooke Kemball-Smith who was extremely reputable and, importantly, specialised in the area of Fertility.

I decided to have acupuncture weekly as this really helps the body prepare for IVF and gives the acupuncturist time to understand you and how he can help your body. Brooke always asked me how I was feeling as a person emotionally and physically so that he could work on areas that needed addressing. I believe that my appointments prior to my treatment really helped with my success. The treatment at the time of IVF is crucial as it helps to alleviate any negative side effects of the drugs and also improves the blood flow to the uterus. I have always felt a sense of well being both during the treatments and afterwards. Importantly, I knew that I was doing something to help towards me one day having our baby.

We were lucky enough to conceive on our second cycle and I truly believe that acupuncture with Brooke contributed towards our success. Brooke went out of his way to ensure that the timings of my treatments co-insided with my egg collection embryo transfer etc. I continued to have treatment after I conceived as I knew the early stages of pregnancy could be an anxious time and acupuncture again was of great benefit.

Two years later when I decided that I would like a sibling for our beautiful boy, we went through the same process. I had acupuncture with Brooke again, both prior to the IVF treatments and during them. We were blessed with another pregnancy and I am now Mum to a little boy (from the first treatment) and twins (a boy and a girl) who are now 6 weeks old!

I would encourage anyone going through this process to consider acupuncture. I cannot thank Brooke enough for what he has done and truly believe it helped greatly in our success on both treatments. Importantly Brooke has contributed towards giving us a family and I am so very grateful for that.

Thank you so very much Brooke.
Michelle Knight